Okay, so last week I broke the news that Dad stopped walking. This week, Lazarus has risen from the dead and guess what, he is walking! Go figure. Not only is he walking, he is refusing to use the walker that we hired for him as he is perfectly capable, thank you!  And just to drive home how fit he is, he’ll tell you in the next breath that he even goes walking at 1am. Well, yes, I say, you did this once and we had to call the police… But when that does nothing to temper him, he’ll quickly declare that as a former elite athlete, he is in great shape with absolutely nothing wrong with him!

Elite athlete, I hear you ask? There’s a whole side of Dad that we are only learning exists lately and one of the best discoveries is that he was an Olympic swimmer. Yep, not only did Melbourne give Sydney all swimming events in the 1956 Olympics, but, if our calculations are correct, a 12 year old boy managed to win gold three times! We’re sure Australian Story will contact us soon to set up an interview with our legendary Superfish, but fear Dawn’s multiple world records and medal tally have probably stolen Dad’s spotlight…. 

As we learnt very early on, it is futile trying to reason with someone who has dementia and you just have to go with their reality. Sometimes it can be fun (our whole family is now invested in Dad’s gold medals), and sometimes it’s incredibly frustrating. So, for now, we’ll let Dad hobble along and pray that his next episode of tears and immobility doesn’t happen at an inopportune moment or location, or that God forbid, we don’t throttle him before hand. And while we will continue hobbling down this path together, we’ll also keep looking for those gold medals which must be in a box somewhere, right?