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Danielle Atkins

Danielle Atkins

Professional Organiser

Danielle made what appeared to be a very daunting task fun and enjoyable. Her approach to Decluttering years of “stuff” is painless and liberating. I am so incredibly grateful that she shared her amazing talents with me. I highly recommend teaming up with this Decluttering Angel.


Emu Plains

My Story

When I was in my 20s and moving to Sri Lanka to live the first time for a couple of years, I packed up my worldly possessions and left them with Mum to put in the attic. My worldly possessions filled one box. I was pretty proud of this achievement, that I needed no more than one box to weigh me down. I was free.

Over the years I accumulated a little more than two boxes – furniture and white goods will do that to you – but I have never lost touch with the feeling of liberation that comes when I declutter and lighten the load. So much so, that it became a regular thing for me to be the go-to-gal when friends and family had to declutter. Seriously, I would be called on as the enforcer when it came to sorting through my friend’s houses as they prepared for sale, stripping back my sister’s closet during her spring clean, and checking the contents of all travel bags like a customs officer, ruthlessly making room for returning souvenirs (for me of course). I loved it and my friends and family loved me for it!

My exposure over the past 20 or so years in my working life has also helped shape my relationship with the space around me and my attachment to possessions (those that I hold onto and those that I let go of).

My Experience

For more than 20 years I have connected with people in the most extreme situations, learned the value of living simply and shared my organising skills to achieve this.

Working with the United Nations and international development organisations, I shared the desperation and also joy of communities in the most desperate situations, where they struggled to secure the basics in life let alone all the extras – from the devastation of war and tsunami in Sri Lanka, to the tragedy of Ebola in Sierra Leone.

As a funeral consultant I helped grieving families honour their loved ones, listening as, through their tears and laughter, they shared stories of the person dear to them and learning it is true what they say, you can’t take it with you.

In the corporate and public sectors, I loved finding creative solutions to often complex problems.

In all situations, I’ve learnt we’re mostly looking for similar things – time with loved ones, kindness, freedom and the ability to make clear and informed decisions. It’s amazing how organising our physical space can set us on the path to finding them all.

As a member of the Institute for Professional Organisers, I ensure you get expert advice and the most professional service.

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