What We Do

Photo of clean desk with pencils

Declutter Life offers professional and personalised home organisation services that help you make room for what’s important to you.

We love helping you:

  • Feel less overwhelmed by the task of clearing the clutter in your home (which helps to clear the clutter in other areas of life too!)
  • Organise a system that works uniquely for you to keep the clutter from returning
  • Clear and create space when you downsize your home
  • Manage the difficult task of preparing a deceased estate
  • Making room for what you need before, during or after any transition, so you can embrace the future with excitement!

I feel so much lighter and organised as Danielle helped me to declutter my house. My paperwork which took up the dining table is now organised into three small folders. Her method is practical, non-threatening, energetic and innovative as she helps you to work out the purpose of a room and how to declutter your home.

I would highly recommend Declutter Life as Danielle has inspired me and given me the confidence to completely declutter and rearrange my house with vision and a method that works!